I traveled to South America twice on University of Maryland Study-Abroad programs. I realize in retrospect, combing the web for anything comparable, how extraordinary they were.

In July and August of 2004 we spent a month with the Kayapo Indians in the southeastern Amazon forest. The Kayapo were one of the last tribes to be squeezed onto a reservation, and an extraordinary reservation is: the size of Virginia, or 1/6 the size of Ukraine. The professor was equally outstanding, Janet Chernela. I say that despite the fact that she quite pointedly does not return my calls. I am totally beyond the pale politically, a dangerous guy for an academic to know. But we had a wonderful time as two of the three adults in the company of students for four weeks in the Amazon.

I was glad to have the assignment of writing a final paper on the course. I expect I wrote more than was anticipated, simply to make sure that I captured everything that I had seen. Here is the paper, and here are some photographs of the trip. 

With the Kayapó  Indians   Pix

In January of 2006 I took a course on the Jewish history of Argentina -- really, an anthropologist's sampler of everything interesting going on in northeastern Argentina. Again, a wise professor with a gift for teaching, Judas Freydenberg.

Doctor Freydenberg did not require a paper, simply a journal. My journal is much more complete than might have been expected, but it is not terribly well-organized. So, for what it is worth, I offer my journal and a selection of photos.

Anthro Course in Argentina  Pix








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