Meta-Knowledge, or

The Things You Need To Know In Order To Learn


Even in Ukraine, most college students have computers. Just like in the United States, students seldom attend courses in how to use the computers, and most of them know very little about the power that is in their hands.


This is a series of courses on how to use computers to do the things a student needs to do. Their biggest task is to write papers. Developing good PowerPoint presentations is another important job, and a third one is developing numbers and graphs which can be done in Excel.


Follow this link to a PowerPoint presentation overview of the series. It contains links to PowerPoint presentations on individual tasks, and those individual PowerPoint presentations contain links to examples.  There are several more examples of puzzles and illustrations of math and statistics concepts here.


I look forward to an opportunity to teach this in Ukraine. Please call if you are interested. Also recognize that because it has not been used in Ukraine, some of the great number of links in the presentation may not work. E-mail me and I will help.


Graham Seibert

February, 2009